Tar Free Oxford

In development, please bear with us while we are not as pretty as we could be…

Now that Oxford is a Tar-Free Town, we want to take the campaign to the next level and get the Oxfordshire County Council to go tar-free as well!

To make it happen, we will need your help. Let us know if you have a bit of time, and would like to get involved. Email us at – oxford@tarfreetowns.org


Oxford has joined the Fossil Free divestment campaign. Add your name to the petitions calling on Oxfordshire County Council and on Oxford University to end their investments in fossil fuels!



Tar-Free Oxford is part of a growing number of towns – in Canada, the United States and Europe – which are refusing to allow tar sands into their communities. We support the European effort to pass the Fuel Quality Directive, a legislative tool to discourage the import of tar sands oil to Europe, alongside other carbon-intensive fuels.

We stand alongside other groups and organisations across the UK and Europe, fighting against the aggressive Canadian lobbying which is attempting to derail the Fuel Quality Directive.


This page provides information about the activities of Tar Free Oxford. If you want to know what a Tar Free Town is, or indeed what Tar Sands are, and why we are bothered by them, have a look around the rest of this website. Previous posts about Tar Free Oxford actions can be found here.

Contact us at oxford@tarfreetowns.org if you want help in turning your community into a Tar-Free one, or if you want to be updated about future tar sands-related activities in Oxford

You are also invited to join Tar Free Oxford’s Facebook group or follow us on  Twitter


If you want to join the UK Tar Sands Network’s newsletter to keep up to date with the Tar Sands campaign, you can do so via the UKTSN’s homepage.


January 22nd – The Oil Road: A Journey from the Caspian to the City

Emma from Platform untangles the Carbon Web for us at the ‘Oil Road’ talk on January 22nd


First Tar Free Oxford meeting

And what a wonderfully productive meeting it was!

In the meantime, you can join our Facebook group to express your interest.

Brainstorming –


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