The Oil Road: A Journey from the Caspian to the City

**Please note – this event has been rescheduled, and will now be held on January 22nd, 2013**

Tar Free Oxford is delighted to host Platform for an interactive workshop exploring how the drive to control oil reserves – and hence people and events – has shattered environments and shaped societies, and how we can change direction.

When : Tuesday, January 22, 7:15pm

Where : Oxford Hub,The Turl Street Kitchen (16-17 Turl Street, OX1 3DH Oxford). In the Events Space on the first floor

What : Europe imports more oil & gas than the US, China and India combined – driving war, pollution and poverty. This massive daily intake of fossil fuels relies on a web of pipelines, tanker routes and gas terminals – as well as military force, strong-arm diplomacy and corporate capitalism. From BP executives to Somali pirates, bureaucrats in Brussels to revolutionaries in Egypt, these structures are constantly defended and contested. We’ll explore BP’s pipeline from the Caspian, militarised gas grids and oil company lobbying for new warships in the midst of the cuts. In an interactive and participatory workshop we will search for pathways towards dismantling our current energy reality and replacing it with alternative energy futures.

The Facebook event page can be found here. Feel free to join and to invite your friends!

3 thoughts on “The Oil Road: A Journey from the Caspian to the City

  1. Very pleased with how yesterday turned out! The talk was really interesting – the story of the specific oil road covered in the book (that from Azerbaijan to the UK), but also the light it sheds on the price of “oil roads” in general.

    And then there was a very useful workshop, about the oil road which Valero is currently trying to build from Alberta’s tar sands to the UK, via KeystoneXL and the Pembroke refinery. With an important emphasis on how we – in Oxford – can help stop that plan from ever becoming an Oil Road!

    Very motivating!

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